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After 7 months, our proton pack raffle has finally come to an end. We are pleased to announce that Sean from Aurora, Ontario was the lucky winner. When we told him over the phone he raced down to the Metro Toronto Convention centre to pick it up. The best part was today was also his birthday! He was in total shock and was incredibly excited.

A huge thanks goes out to OGB members Brily and Mike for their work constructing the pack as well as for being our media sponsor. Another huge thank-you goes out to everyone across the world who bought a ticket. It was amazing to see how many people saw winning the proton pack as secondary to donating to Sick Kids Foundation. We met several children and parents who had spent time at Sick Kids Hospital and heard some pretty inspiring stories.

We had never tackled an event of this size and scope before and we had no idea how it would be received or how successful it would be. In the end we were extremely proud to be able to donate $6000 to Sick Kids Foundation.


Pack Raffle  002

OGB ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

After being challenged by Jason of, the OGB stepped up for charity and completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. While it was REALLY cold, it wasn’t half as bad as getting slimed! Check out the video below.

The End is Nigh!

It is now August and our proton pack raffle is coming to an end soon. Be sure that you order your tickets ASAP by clicking here. We will be selling during all 4 days of FanExpo if you want to get the pack in person. Due to your support the raffle has been a huge success and we are going to be able to give a great deal of help to Sick Kids Foundation in Toronto.

Proton Pack Raffle Signage

NFCC Rookie Photos

Hey Rookies! Your photos from Niagara Falls Comic Con are now ready. Click here to download your photos and be sure to share them. Thanks so much for everyone who made a donation to support our charitable efforts. Thanks once again to Cameron Shaver Photography for taking the pics. Enjoy your photos!

NFCC 2014 Rookie Photos  024

Superfan Comic Con

How'd you spend your May 2-4 weekend?  We spent it at Superfans, a new Convention in Toronto!  It's always so great to get to know our fans more, and to help a new convention take off!  We even got to have a few photo shoots done!  All in all it was a fun way to lead up to relaxing at the end of a Holiday Monday.  See you at the next convention!