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Humber Comic Con

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We traveled to Humber College's Comic Con this past Wednesday and Thursday.  It's a smaller gathering for us, but it was still nice to see so many fans out!  It gave us a chance to interact more with our fans, as well as help field test some new experimental equipment and personnel.  After all, College is a good time for experimentation, right?  It was a great opportunity to get the word out about our pack raffle and we appreciate all the Tweets and tags! It was a great event and we are excited to see how it will grow next year.

Humber 1

Toronto Comic Con Rookie Photos

Rookie photos from Toronto Comic Con are now available. Thanks so much for supporting The Vasculitis Foundation of Canada with your donation! You can download and enjoy your photos here. Thanks to Cameron Shaver Photography for taking all the photos.

TCC Rookie Photos 2014  025

Con Season Kick Off!


This past weekend was the big kick off to the 2014 con season with Toronto Comic Con. We had many things to be excited about with new table display items, spruced up uniforms and our pack raffle, but the passing of Harold Ramis still weighed on us. There was a huge amount of sympathy and support for con-goers which was so amazing to see. In honour of Mr. Ramis we will be supporting The Vasculitis Foundation of Canada with the sales of any of our table items such as postcards, magnets, buttons, baked goods and...Twinkies. (all pack raffle process will still go to Sick Kids Hospital). In order better understand the disease we spoke to a representative from the organization and one of the main goals of The Vasculitis Foundation of Canada is to simply educate doctors. This disease is so rare that many doctors are unaware of it and misdiagnose it which leads to delayed treatment. This charity is quite small and would really truly benefit from any support we can give it. Are you seriously going to let the thing that took Egon away from us get away with it? Naw man, we came, we saw it and we’re gaining to kick its ass! If you mess with one Ghostbuster, you mess with all of us!

Harold Tribute

R.I.P. Harold Ramis


It is with very heavy hearts that we recognize the passing or Harold Ramis. It's hard to judge what a Human being is worth. But if anything works as a benchmark, it's the love and inspiration one generates in others around him. Because of Mr. Ramis’ writing, acting, and his imagination we The Ontario Ghostbusters, get to do something good not only for ourselves but for others. We get to share passion and inspiration. While we can't say “don't be sad for the passing of one who has done much”, we can say take inspiration and heart in the impression, impact, and creative works he gave us while he was alive. Such should be the final note in any artist's life.

Win A Proton Pack!!

The Ontario Ghostbusters are proud to announce a major fundraising initiative in support of Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. We are giving a lucky Ghosthead the opportunity to win their very own proton pack! Not only that, but the winner will get an invite to join us for a day at a Comic Con in 2015. A secondary prize of an OGB prize pack which includes, among other things, a hot beverage thermal mug and balloon for the kids. For more information or to order tickets click here!

Proton Pack Raffle Signage