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Ontario Ghostbusters

NFCC Rookie Photos

Hey Rookies! Your photos from Niagara Falls Comic Con are now ready. Click here to download your photos and be sure to share them. Thanks so much for everyone who made a donation to support our charitable efforts. Thanks once again to Cameron Shaver Photography for taking the pics. Enjoy your photos!

NFCC 2014 Rookie Photos  024

Superfan Comic Con

How'd you spend your May 2-4 weekend?  We spent it at Superfans, a new Convention in Toronto!  It's always so great to get to know our fans more, and to help a new convention take off!  We even got to have a few photo shoots done!  All in all it was a fun way to lead up to relaxing at the end of a Holiday Monday.  See you at the next convention!


For Egon...

Thanks to your donations we were able to give $1000 to The Vasculitis Foundation of Canada in memory of Harold Ramis. We got the chance to present the cheque at their annual general meeting and speak about how the loss of Harold Ramis impacted our community. They were very thankful for the donation and we are very thankful for your continued support of us and our work to raise funds for charitable organizations.



Humber Comic Con

Humber 2

We traveled to Humber College's Comic Con this past Wednesday and Thursday.  It's a smaller gathering for us, but it was still nice to see so many fans out!  It gave us a chance to interact more with our fans, as well as help field test some new experimental equipment and personnel.  After all, College is a good time for experimentation, right?  It was a great opportunity to get the word out about our pack raffle and we appreciate all the Tweets and tags! It was a great event and we are excited to see how it will grow next year.

Humber 1

Toronto Comic Con Rookie Photos

Rookie photos from Toronto Comic Con are now available. Thanks so much for supporting The Vasculitis Foundation of Canada with your donation! You can download and enjoy your photos here. Thanks to Cameron Shaver Photography for taking all the photos.

TCC Rookie Photos 2014  025