ABOUT US Who we are...

The Ontario Ghostbusters are a fan costuming group who's purpose is to give fans an up close experience with screen accurate equipment and memorabilia as well as raise money and attention for charitable organizations.

What we do...

We come loaded with authentic screen accurate gear ready to bust and entertain the young and old.  We also have hands on table displays so fans can get up close with our gear and even check out a little slime.  No Ghostbuster display would be complete without an 8 foot Stay Puft, 6 foot Slimer and life size Vigo portrait.  You can even suit up in a Rookie jump suit (GB1, GB2 or Reboot) and feel what it is like to strap on a Proton Pack (Please note, features may vary from event to event depending on venue).



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OGB Executive

A seasoned veteran of conventions Adrianna shares her passion with her two children and husband, she is the very beating heart of the Ghostbusters.  Do not let  that fool you though, this executive member could fully well kick your ass if she needs to, practicing often on her fellow executive board members.



Equipment Tech

OGB Executive

A long time nerd and part time Autocrat and engineer, Brily  possess a degree in Comedy, a history of travel across Canada, and a wry humour.  Brily is also one of the main builder's for the group, crafting and maintaining many pieces of essential Ghostbuster equipment.


Treasurer, Photographer


OGB Executive

"Stay sharp, keep fit, make good decisions!"


Social Media Manager

 Seulange grew up with a liking for all things odd. Being on the creative side, Seulange attended a high school aimed at the arts and took courses like drama and media arts which helped add to her already slightly geeky side. She's always interested to learn new things and has no problem spending a few hours alone with a good book.


Member at Large


Besides busting ghosts on a regular basis, I'm also into motor sports and classic cars. Some of my other hobbies include prop building, Ultimate Fighting (not me, just watching…I'm retired) and racing motorcycles. I'm one of the founding members, I'm always dedicated to helping the team grow with every passing year!


Member at Large

At the tender age of 13, I was witness to an unexplained mass moss migration in the forest behind my house. Ever since then I have been trying to discover and explain the unknown. The most obvious way to indulge in this experiment was to run away from home and join the circus. When that didn't pan out for legal reasons, the OGB were the next obvious choice.


Member at Large

Stay Puft

He's smaller and fluffy and doesn't step on any churches. Stay Puft used to terrorize New York...but thanks to the Ontario Ghostbusters he's behaving himself. Can be seen around town at local events with a smile. Cynthia and Stay Puft have a blast hanging out at all the events...Busting makes us feel good!


Member at Large

 A nurse by profession, Linda is always focused on helping others and that is what The Ontario Ghostbusters are all about. She has a passion for baking and cooking and is excited to raise her little buster to follow in his daddy's footsteps (Mike).


Graphic Design

From the tender age of six, Dave wanted to be a Ghostbuster. His parents weren’t sure about his life long aspirations, even after he proved his dedication by making his very own cardboard proton pack. Sadly the the pack only lasted for a day.  Little did mom and dad know that he would be destined to put on a real pack to answer a greater call. He’s living the dream as a Ghostbuster, sharing his love of the movies while helping out great causes. If only his six year old self could see him now!


Member at Large

Ginny’s a teacher by day and buster of ghosts by night. When she’s not dropping serious knowledge in the classroom and driving her students crazy with her corny sense of humour, she’s out at the conventions helping her fellow Ghostbusters raise money for some great causes. She lets her geek flag fly with pride and isn’t afraid of ghosts or anyone who tries to out geek her.


Member at Large

Founder and head writer for and all around social media guru. Non-Ghostbusting interests include graphic design, vlogging, pro-rasslin' and low budget horror films.


Member at Large

Proud member of the Ontario Ghostbusters and lover of anything 80's. You know, the greatest decade ever. Ghostbusters, Big hair bands, He-Man, Jem... what else could you want?


Member at Large

A man of many talents from costume and prop building, internet broadcaster and a child of the 80's. A tough looking individual but Matt comes with a soft heart and a open mind. He's always considered himself the hired muscle of the group when it comes to busting heads..of course in a spiritual sense.


Member at Large

Bio Coming Soon.

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"We ain't afraid of no ghosts!"