• Mission Statement:

    The Ontario Ghostbusters is a fan costuming group who have two primary purposes:


    1) To bring interactive, fun and hands on Ghostbusters experiences to fans of all ages.

    2) To raise funds for charitable causes.

  • 1) Code of Conduct and Expectations

    • The Ontario Ghostbusters has no membership fees but all expenses related to uniforms and attending events (parking, travel, food, accommodations, etc.) are the responsibility of the member.


    • All members who have demonstrated regular involvement and contribute positively to multiple events may be elevated to the position of Member at Large and will get a profile on our website.  The time line for this varies from rookie to rookie.  Members at Large have voting rights and are eligible for executive positions.


    • All members must convey the “Spirit of Ghostbusters”.  Members should be light hearted, interactive and approachable.


    • All members should take any commitment they make to attend an event seriously and should respond promptly to event attendance requests.


    • All members must remember, first and foremost, that they are at an event to entertain guests and give patrons a fun experience with Ghostbusters equipment and they should work to be welcoming and interactive with all guests.


    • Physical or sexual harassment of any kind will not be toleration and may result in a membership being revoked.


    • The Ontario Ghostbusters are an inclusive organization and is accepting of all people regardless of their race, belief system or sexual identity. Discrimination or negativity of any kind will not be tolerated and may result in a membership being revoked.

  • 2) Fundraising

    • Money raised by the Ontario Ghostbusters will be used to benefit charitable organizations.


    • Some funds may be used for administrative purposes (website, business cards, magnets, buttons, etc.) as deemed acceptable by The Ontario Ghostbusters presidents.


    • Any item or materials purchased with raised funds will be the property of The Ontario Ghostbusters and not a specific member.


    • At no time may funds be used to give a salary to a member or to be used for personal reasons.


    • It is the goal, but not a requirement, for administration costs to be less than 15% of total money raised.


    • Financial records will be made openly available by the treasurer to other members of the executive.


    • A financial report detailing expenditures will be released annually.  Amounts many be express as a percentage of the total money raised or in actual dollar amounts.


  • 3) Leadership Structure

    • There may be up to a maximum of two members with the title of president.  Presidents are nominated by executive members of the Ontario Ghostbusters and their nomination confirmed by a majority vote of the membership (including Members at Large).


    • The title of Executive Member is appointed by majority agreement of the Presidents and other Executive Members.


    • All decisions by the OGB presidents are final and should be respected.

  • 4) Uniform

    • All members who wish to attend events with us must follow the following uniform code.


    Primary Uniform Requirements:


    The following is the absolute minimum required to participate in an event with the Ontario Ghostbusters.


    - Khaki or Navy Blue Flight suit with Ghostbuster patch and name patch (character or your own).

    - Khaki or Black Pistol Belt.

    - Elbow Pads.

    - Black Military Boots or other high-top black leather boot.


    Secondary Uniform Considerations:


    The following are easily accessible additions to any uniform but are not mandatory for participation in an event.


    - Black rubber gloves (chemical gloves)

    - 2-3 Leather keychain fobs

    - Leg hose


    Advanced Uniform Considerations:


    The following are premium parts to a uniform and can be costly but are not mandatory for participation in an event.  Most members start slowly adding one or two items each season.


    - Belt Gizmo

    - PKE Meter

    - Trap

    - Ecto Goggles

    - Motorola MT 500 Radio

    - Lifeguard II Pass Alarm

    - Proton Pack


    Uniform Variations:


    All members should have a basic uniform but in an effort to allow creative freedom, but preserve our display and brand, all major uniform variations should be discussed with the OGB executive in advance.




"We ain't afraid of no ghosts!"