How do I become an Ontario Ghostbuster?


Unfortunately, we are not currently accepting new members. However, when we are the process for joining is outlined below.


1) Read our Charter to find out what we are all about.

2) Make sure you have the minimum uniform requirements.

3) Contact us to see if there is an upcoming suitable event for you to attend and try out being a member of the OGB.


Please keep in mind that you may not be invited out to all events initially and that we are looking for more that just fans with a flight suit. We are looking for people who are dedicated to making a difference and work well with the rest of the team. There is a minimum three event trial period before full membership is considered.


How can I build my own Ghostbusting gear?

Most members make their own equipment. You want to try the 'from scratch' approach check out the following sites for plans and parts.

Ghostbuster Fans (plans and support)


Hyperdyne (Sound/Lights)

Replica Props (Sounds)

Jupiter Electronics (Lights)

Hole in the Ground Productions (Parts)


Uh, so I followed all those links, bought a bunch of stuff, but I got stuck halfway through the build! How do I get help?

You are welcome to email us with any questions you may have but the fastest way to get a response is to post your question on our Facebook page. That way the whole OGB community can help you out!


How can I buy my own Ghostbusting gear?

If you are not the handy type check out the following sites to find complete GB gear.



Matty Collector

Hole in the Ground Productions


Have you ever owned a Slinky?

Once. But we straightened it.


How can I show off some props I built?

The best way to share your build progress is to post all your photos to an online gallery (imgur is highly recommended, but Flickr or SmugMug work too) then post that to our Facebook page. That way we can feature it and you can get lots of feedback on your work!


How do I get some Ghostbusters to come out to my event?

Ask us! We are available for all sorts of charity events and community activities. We do not have a formal fee but a donation to support our charitable causes is appreciated.


Who is your favourite Ghostbuster?

You know, each of the original Ghostbusters appeals to a different type of person so it really depends on who you ask.


Are you a God?

Yes. Definitely, yes!




"We ain't afraid of no ghosts!"