SEX, DRUGS, & FASHION is a highly entertaining novel of the Apparel industry during the frenzied days of the 1970's & 80's.  To some it will be just an enjoyable story.  To others it will be a trip down memory lane....

Charlie Barron, growing up in New York's 7th Avenue Fashion District, moves to Los Angeles and its embryonic environment.  He finds it difficult to keep his pants zipped as he builds first one company, then another, always at odds with his business partners. He marries, divorces, marries a second and a third time. 

We meet Jennifer, Ruby, and Lorena.  We meet Sharon, Windy, and Adrienne. The novel also deals with the underbelly of the industry‚Ķthe New York mob, Vegas gamblers, and cocaine dealers.  We see kickbacks and scams.  You'll meet Will Duval who has competed with Charlie for decades, always preferring shortcuts to success.  Their competition often leads to violence. Many of the events in the book are true and are based on the authors more than thirty years in the industry.


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